Sunday, April 24, 2011

My New Blog

Just an FYI that my new photography blog is up and running.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The End!

I have to say that I am very proud of myself for completing this project, even if it took me awhile to actually post the photos.  I did not miss one day of taking a photograph and I learned a ton.  I still have so much more to learn, though, about both photography and photo editing.  I will not be doing another 365 project, but I will be starting a new blog to keep track of my progress.  I already have that site set up, and I hope to start posting in a few weeks so keep an eye out for it.

December 31, 2010-Day 365

My last day of the 365 project!

Some cat prints in the snow:

Paw Prints

December 30, 2010-Day 364

A view of the sunset from my front door. 


December 29, 2010-Day 363

Some macros of a pinecone:



December 28, 2010-Day 362

My neighbor's birdhouse:


December 27, 2010-Day 361

My attempt at a snowflake macro.  It did not turn out like I had hoped, and I am really hoping that I won't have another opportunity to try until next winter.


December 26, 2010-Day 360

We had a huge blizzard the day after Christmas.


December 25, 2010-Day 359

Christmas morning:


December 24, 2010-Day 358

We spent Christmas Eve at my cousin's house, where she had some pretty flowers:

Christmas Flowers

And yummy cakes:

Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake

December 23, 2010-Day 357

I had some fun with the Christmas tree, quickly zooming while I was shooting the photograph, which made it look like the lights were exploding.

 Christmas Tree Zoom

Christmas Tree Zoom

 I think I had a t-shirt like this in the 80s.

  Christmas Tree Zoom

December 22, 2010-Day 356

Sunset over Brooklyn, taken from the train. IMG_0030.jpg Sunset Over Brooklyn

December 21, 2010-Day 355

Peek-a-boo. Do you see me in one of the ornaments? Christmas Garland

December 20, 2010-Day 354

A hazy moon: Hazy Moon

December 19, 2010-Day 353

Some homemade Christmas cookies: Christmas Cookies Christmas cookies

December 18, 2010-Day 352

Our Christmas forest. A Christmas Forest

December 17, 2010-Day 351

A snowflake in our window. Snowflake

December 16, 2010-Day 350

Sunset of NY Harbor A quick shot of the sunset over the NY Harbor. I know the focus is soft, but it was taken with the I-Phone from a moving car.

December 15, 2010-Day 349

Some macros of some Christmas lights. (Are you getting sick of seeing Christmas decorations three months after it's over?) These are unedited. Christmas Lights Christmas Lights 2010 12 15_5863.jpg

December 14, 2010-Day 348

And some Christmas Bokeh of the same tree I posted yesterday: Christmas Tree Bokeh Christmas Tree Bokeh

December 13, 2010-Day 347

We finally put some pretty decorations outside our house. Christmas tree

December 12, 2010-Day 346

A few more of our Christmas decorations: Santa Snowman

December 11, 2010-Day 345

Took a quick flight to my friend's baby shower on the 11th. Flight

December 10, 2010-Day 344

A candy cane on my Christmas tree: Candy Cane And an ornament: Christmas Ornament

December 9, 2010-Day 343

A photo of another Christmas Tree around the city, taken with my I-Phone. Christmas Tree

Saturday, March 19, 2011

December 8, 2010-Day 342

Snowman My sister-in-law gave us this really fun snowman that lights up, changes color, and blows around flakes like a snowglobe. I decided to try take some macros of the lights and flakes. These are pretty abstract, but I kind of like them. Christmas Lights Bokeh Christmas Lights Bokeh Christmas Lights Bokeh Christmas Lights Bokeh Christmas Lights Bokeh

December 7, 2010-Day 341

Playing with some Christmas lights bokeh. My Christmas tree: Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Bokeh Christmas Tree Bokeh Christmas Tree Bokeh

December 6, 2010-Day 340

Leaves from my plant, Big Plant. (Creative name, I know.) Big Plant Big Plant Big Plant Big Plant

December 5, 2010-Day 339

A macro of some leaves still hanging on into December.