Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010-Day 204

Flowers, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

Just a pretty flower from today.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010-Day 203

Knob, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

Ashley at Ramblings and Photos takes the most beautiful photos of ordinary objects, and she has inspired me to try to do the same. It is easy to take a pretty picture of something pretty, but it is art if you can take a picture of something boring. This is a doorknob in my home. I like the lines of it. I don't know if I would classify this photo of art, but I think it came out okay.

July 21, 2010-Day 202

I snapped these with my 100 mm macro. They make me itchy just looking at them.





Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010-Day 201

July 20, 2010, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

A closeup of some details on a building in downtown Manhattan.

July 19, 2010-Day 200

Attack, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

Oh no, attack. This massive beetle was staring at me through the window. I think it wanted to get in the house.

July 18, 2010-Day 199

We grilled on Sunday night. I bought this corn at the new Farmer's Market. We debated whether it was better to grill the corn with the husk on or off, so we decided to grill half each way. The result: delicious either way.



Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 17, 2010-Day 198

Slide, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

My cousin is an amazing baseball player. Here is a photo of him stealing third base and some fence bokeh. Lol.

Scavenger Hunt-Week of July 11, 2010

This week's items are:
Black and White
Made of Wood

Black and White:


Happy/Made of Wood: I am cheating here because it photo is only supposed to represent one item on the list. I originally took this photo for Made of Wood, as it is a photo in a wooden frame, but I did not get around to taking a photo to represent Happy. I think this photo does represent both, though. This is a photo of me and my grandmother on my 10th or 11th birthday. Look how happy I was, not just because it was birthday, but because I was with my grandmother who I love so much.



Rain Drops



July 16, 2010-Day 197

Flower, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

From a bouquet.

July 15, 2010-Day 196

Pizza, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

There are quite a few photos of my left hand this week. Lol. I know I chopped the pizza here, but, I did shoot this while holding the camera in my right hand while trying to make the pizza with my left.

July 14, 2010-Day 195

Black Eye Susan, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

From my garden.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 13, 2010-Day 194

Grandma, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

One of the items this week on the weekly scavenger hunt is "made with wood." This is a photo of me and my grandmother on my 10th or 11th birthday, obviously in a wooden frame.

July 12, 2010-Day 193

Here are a few "macro" photos taken with the Tamron 28-75. I put macro in quotes because this isn't a true macro lens, but I still think they came out nice. I am actually submitting the top photo to Macro Friday.



Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

July 11, 2010-Day 192

We left Boston on Sunday afternoon. In the morning, we just relaxed, and I took photos of my friend's cat, Ilsa. Look at those eyes! How beautiful.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 10, 2010-Day 191

As I previously mentioned, we went up to Boston over the weekend to visit some friends. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very nice, so we headed over to the Aquarium.

Aquariums are very difficult places to take photograph. They have notoriously bad lighting and everything is behind glass that often has hand prints all over it. The Boston Aquarium was no different, but here are a few that I think came out okay.








After we left the aquarium, I popped on my new ultra-wide angle lens, and we walked around Boston for a couple of hours.

Boston Harbor:

Boston Harbor

Added to Black and White Wednesdays at The Long Road to China.

Old City Hall:

Old City Hall

Some Old Church:


The Memorial to the Victims of the Irish Potato Famine:

Victim of the Irish Potato Famine

Victim of the Irish Potato Famine

Memorial to the Victim of the Irish Potato Famine

From there, I put the 28-75 back on, and we headed over to Boston Common:

Boy With Bird:

Boy With Bird

Make Way For Ducklings: (Remember that book. It is fantastic.)

Make Way For Ducklings

We were really lucky because it only rained while we were in the aquarium. We heard that Boston got over 4 inches in less than 2 hours, though, and the lake in Boston Common actually overflowed.

Boston Common

This swan didn't seem to mind, though.




Trendy Treehouse Tuesday-By The Pool

This week's theme on Shutter Love Tuesdays at Trendy Treehouse is By The Pool. Here is a photo of my niece and her best friend. (Previously posted in February.)

Best Friends


Exciting news. This photo was picked Trendy Treehouse!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 9, 2010-Day 190

Farmer's Market, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

We went to see a good friend in Boston this weekend. On Friday, I really only took a few quick shots because we were so busy catching up. Here is one from the farmer's market at Copley Square. It's funny because I took of photo of some nice healthy vegetables, but we actually bought some goat cheese marinated in olive oil. Yum.

Scavenger Hunt-Week of July 4, 2010

This week's items are:
National Pride
Sepia or Black and White with Selective Coloring

We are only supposed to use one photo from our archives, but, unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to take some of these photos this week, so I am cheating and pulling two photos from my archives. (Actually three, but I am not counting the last photo since the editing is new.)

National Pride: This is a photo of the statue of Benjamin Franklin in front of Old City Hall in Boston.

Benjamin Franklin

Sunset: (Photo previously taken and in auto)

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

Fire: (Photo previously taken)

March 5, 2010

Favorite: Here is a photo I took of a frog at the Boston Aquarium which I am using to represent my love of all animals.


Sepia or Black and White with Selective Coloring: This is the first time that I have done selective coloring. I rarely like selective coloring in a photo, but it was good to learn how to do it. This photo was previously posted in May, but the editing is new.

Selective Coloring