Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010-Day 4

Tangerine, originally uploaded by Ms. Baboo.

It's only Day 4 and I am already struggling a bit to keep up with this project. Today is the first day that I had to take a photo on a work day, and, honestly, I found it to be a little bit difficult. I don't have much time during the day, and it is dark when I leave work. But unless I win the lottery, I have a lot more work days that I need to do this, so I guess I will just have to be creative.

Anyway, this is a picture I took for one of the scavenger hunts that I participate in on Flickr. This covers "squeeze" and "tangerine." I know that the tangerine is blurry, but I am posting it because I like the way the drop looks coming off of it. Besides, this is a learning process and this blog is supposed to show my improvement. If all my pictures were great, there would be no point, right? The one below is technically better, but I don't think as interesting.

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