Monday, February 8, 2010

February 6, 2010-Day 37

I went to visit my niece this weekend.  She had a swim meet and it was her birthday.  I took a ton of pictures. I took them in both raw and JPEG.  Raw pictures allow for easier editing to make the pictures just like you like them, but editing is required.  JPEG pictures are usually adjusted by the camera a little, which means you don't have to edit them, but they may not always look exactly how you want.  (This isn't the best technical definition of the two, but it is how I understand it.) Anyway, I just got Adobe Photoshop Elements, but I haven't even loaded it onto the computer yet, so these are just a couple of the JPEGs that I took.  Hopefully I will get around to practicing editing over the weekend so I might post more from this series.

I rented the Canon-50-200 2.8 L lens to get some action shots of my niece's swim meet.  The L line is the best that Canon makes, and I can see the fantastic quality of the pictures it takes.  Of course, it's biggest limitation is me. Lol. I found it a little difficult to keep up with my niece who swims at lightning speed.  She won 5 out of 5 events that she was in!

Despite all the action shots I took, I am posting this one of my niece and her best friend.  It looked like they were telling secrets while they were waiting for their relay to start.  I think it is very sweet.

Best Friends

Saturday was also my niece's birthday, so here is one from her party.

Happy Birthday!

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